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Doreen Petty Coaching, Inc

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Meet the Team

Doreen Petty

Doreen started this firm in 2010, with the Coaching the BOSS™ division as a way to help small businesses learn how to be in the Business of Sustainable Success, with business and leadership coaching, plus HR consulting. In 2013, Doreen added We to Me Transitions™ to help people navigate transitions associated with the loss or significant shift of committed relationships, personal and professional. All of Doreen Petty Coaching’s clients have one thing in common: They are all creating change in their lives or they are at the effect of change. 

Doreen built the foundation of her coaching practice on positive psychology, energy leadership, and neuroscience principles. It is, she says, incredibly satisfying to help people succeed on their own terms. As a coach, she is unconditionally supportive of her clients’ goals, while being an accountability partner who holds people to commitments they make to themselves.

Here are Doreen’s credentials: MS-Psychology, Leadership Development& Coaching; ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), IPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC) & Energy Leadership Index™ - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP); BA-Business Management; NeuroLeadership Institute, Brain-Based Results Coaching Trained Practitioner; Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach (C-IQ Coach), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP); HRCI Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR). In her previous career, she enjoyed more than 20 years of HR generalist, business partner, and leadership/executive coaching experience. 

Doreen grew up in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago and in Woodridge, Illinois. She now lives in Naperville, Illinois with her husband, Jim, and their Golden Retriever, Angus MacDoggle, who is the inspiration for a series of talks called, “The Wisdom of Angus MacDoggle™: What You Can Learn From a Dog.”

Sabrina Clark

Sabrina may look young, but she has over two decades of experience in operations and leadership, primarily in the auto industry, at various times running body shops and teams of insurance adjusters. Her experience in business operations makes her a critical asset to DPC because of her extremely hands-on-approach. As a principal consultant, she is our trouble-shooter and a fixer for all operations related issues in any industry. She is also a skilled interviewer, negotiator, and vendor manager for supply chain and service providers.

Sabrina holds an undergraduate degree in business management, which she earned while working full-time and raising her children. Her approach to consulting is holistic; she likes to observe and learn about the business she is helping and the people in it, while working with the owner and all of the stakeholders to be sure that whatever changes they want to implement have the best opportunity for success. Change, she says, happens whether we choose it or not and the real key to success is creating an environment where everyone in it chooses to move forward together with any improvements. Consistency leads to sustainability, so Sabrina won’t leave an assignment until she knows that implementation is successful.

Sabrina grew up on the North side of Chicago and raised her two boys in Evanston. Both boys are in college now. She lives in Wheeling, IL with her rescue pup, a lab mix named Rocket.

Dani Andriacchi

Dani has over 25 years of experience in a global manufacturing environment where she played key roles in Quality Control, Engineering, Marketing and Intellectual Property. The last 15 years of her corporate career were in product development and protection.

Dani’s educational background focuses on the business administration arena. Over 10 years ago, she left her corporate job and started a private practice providing targeted research, marketing content development, and virtual assistant services for clients. As a principal consultant with DPC, Dani provides expert knowledge in office organization, research, reports & document development, social media, presentation content, role development, and product protection.

Her approach to consulting is integrative. She likes to get to know the people she helps. That way, she says she is working with the human side of the business, rather than just the processes and documentation related to the assignment. Dani believes that building relationships is fundamentally about building trust, and it helps if all the stakeholders have some “skin in the game” and input into the outcomes.

Dani grew up in Illinois and Michigan, raised four children in Michigan and, with her blended family, enjoys 11 grandchildren! Dani and her husband, Paul, live in Vicksburg, Michigan with their dogs, Woody, a German Shorthair Pointer and Shelby, a spaniel mix.