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You are the boss. You are the leader of the people, processes, and things that make your business work. You are the responsible one, and sometimes you need a partner to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You want a sounding board and even someone to challenge your assumptions as you work toward critical decisions.  For day-to-day business operations, you sometimes need an expert to help you understand the practical realities of creating the best possible environment for yourself… and the people who depend on you.

Being in the Business Of Sustainable Success

Coaching the BOSS helps you be in the Business of Sustainable Success with Business Coaching & HR Consulting. We focus on you and the transitions you face entering into business ownership and making the choices necessary for the growth and success of your business.

Combining coaching services and HR Consulting into one practice provides business owners and managers with access to a broader perspective on their own performance and that of their organization. Check out our product offerings to find the best solution for you, and then call us to discuss your needs and wants.

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Programs & Services:

All coaching participants begin with participation in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), which helps you discover the 7 levels of leadership that create your workplace – and how you show up in the world through your choice of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  The ELI is a powerful assessment, accompanied by an in-depth analysis, which drives a foundation of self-awareness that enhances the experience of coaching and the achievement of results.

Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS):  Explore how you choose to show up in the world and how you can tap into the energy you need to get the most from yourself and the people around you – so you can contribute the best to your business success. The ELDS is a transformative leadership development system based on 7 levels of energy and 8 Building Blocks that enable powerful changes in you and your organization.

Coaching Subscriptions: Because people’s needs are as different as the goals they set, we offer subscriptions for up to 4 hour-long sessions per month. Each subscription includes unlimited “booster shots;” short calls or e-mails to address immediate issues you may be facing. Pricing for Coaching Subscriptions vary depending on the number of sessions per month and the length of commitment.  Separate fees apply for assessments.

HR Consulting Services:  When you have employees depending on you, being the boss is much more than just paying people to do work Federal and state laws govern certain aspects of the employee experience while other factors relate more to actively engaging and retaining the right talent for continued success.  To help you create the workplace to which people want to contribute their best efforts, DPC offers internal audits, facilitator services, support for building an HR infrastructure for your business, and HR Retainer services, which gives you access to HR Generalists and specialists to answer your HR-related questions.