Business Choice Coaching

BusinessChoiC80a-A03cT04a-ZBusiness Choice Coaching gives you options for developing yourself as you start and grow your business, including group coaching for development and support, plus seminars and workshops on many topics of critical interest to business owners. Invest in the one thing that gives you the best chance of success in your business, YOU!

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Key Curricula:

If we don’t have a workshop for the topic you need, we will build one!

K.I.S.S. Tools for Business Owners: This Keep It Simple Series of workshops highlights business tools and techniques in simplified formats to make them more useful for business owners whose time and energy is already stretched thin. Many K.I.S.S. workshops are 30 to 60 minutes.  Some of the topics included in the series are Decision Making, Goal Setting Strategies, Employee Engagement, Interview & Selection Techniques, How to be Chosen by the Right Candidate, Using Body Language as a Management Technique, and many more.

Compliance Training: A series of workshops and seminars designed to provide targeted information about legal compliance issues at the state and federal levels.  Topics include anti-discrimination laws, understanding employment laws, Workers Compensation, Before You Terminate, and various OSHA topics.

General Management Topics: Other training topics of interest to business owners and managers include Managing Difficult Conversations, various emotional intelligence skills-based workshops, strategic planning tips, collaborative performance management, policy manual development, conducting self-audits for programs and policies, Process Management, Stress Management in the Workplace, and more.

Mastermind Groups: Coaching for groups of 6 to 12 people who share a particular need for on-going coaching in a supportive, sharing environment.  Topics and agenda are chosen by the group and facilitated by a coach to help members move towards goals individually and collectively.